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Risk is the probability that an event or action will adversely affect the establishment In order to achieve the goal and objective, management needs to balance risk and controls.

The long term viability of all organizations depends not just on running the day to day operations successfully but also in identifying where and how the organization might be vulnerable and then taking action to reduce such risks or put in place ways of reducing their impact if they materialize. Risk Management has been a feature of the SME’s and Corporates for many years but it has largely been managed at Departmental level resulting in considerable inconsistency and a number of divergent practices. Successive external and internal audit reviews have reinforced this conclusion i.e. we do address risk, not particularly well, the success is patchy and that in the absence of an overall co-ordinate approach we will continue to be deficient. At Bodhil we has been championing a new approach to improving Risk Management across the company.

We possess the necessary exposure in various business verticals internal procedures and strategies. We evaluate the current process and structure. Identify the Risk Areas; determine the level of Risk and their Risk Factor and Develop Risk mitigation strategies, Implementation of solutions, periodic assessment and validity check.

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