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A CFO or Chief Financial Officer is the person on your executive team is responsible to increase cash flow, improve profits and help in improving the bottom line. The difference between a CFO and part time CFO is only the hours. Unfortunately, many companies who have a need for a skilled CFO do not have the funding to actually hire one. Another senior officer on the payroll might just be a bit too much. In these cases, they might bring on a CFO temporarily to perform part time CFO services and get them running in the right direction and teach them how to keep it up.

How can we help

Our Part-Time CFO services provides you with experienced support at a small fraction of that cost. Our Services are beyond accounting , which focuses on operations. We leverage our experience by communicating the insights and providing perspectives.

Here’s what you get with our Part-Time CFO services…

  • Profitability analysis by service or product line
  • Trend analysis
  • Training and managing your accounting staff
  • Assistance in defining long-range plans and the quantification of goals
  • Cash management
  • Development of company accounting procedure manuals
  • Liaison with bankers and vendors
  • Assistance in obtaining financing from banks
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How to benefit from this amassing service

Very often, this simple measure can turn a company’s financial standing right around and set them on a far more profitable path. The cost that the company will pay for a part time CFO will be significantly lower than hiring a full-time financial professional that they would have to offer benefits to as well as other factors that need to be taken care of when you hire an employee.

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